Lisa Stokes

Collect Art are thrilled to have Lisa Stokes for sale by Robert Oscar Lenkiewicz. Lisa Stokes measures 42″ x 34′. Lisa Stokes is an oil on canvas.

It is almost unheard of today, that the death of an artist could elicit such an emotional public response as that of Robert Oscar Lenkiewicz. His paintings communicated directly with ordinary people, who recognised that here was not only an artist of considerable talent but someone who had the power to make them contemplate their own lives and the world they live in.

Robert Lenkiewicz was a natural outsider and radical, consciously at odds with contemporary thinking on ethical and aesthetic issues. Nevertheless, he found a broad constituency amongst ordinary people, who were attracted by his charismatic personality, his generosity and his abundant gifts as an artist and educator. Once asked how he would like to be remembered, as a sociological enquirer or as a skilful painter who had something to say about the human condition, he replied characteristically: “When one has a choice between two things, always take both.”

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Dimensions 34 × 42 in

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