Olivia Pilling ‘Music & Dance’ Exhibition

Olivia Pilling ‘Music & Dance’ Exhibition
27th April 2018 Raffi

We are thrilled to be holding Olivia Pilling’s fourth solo exhibition at our gallery in Lymm, Cheshire, starting on Friday May 11th. Olivia’s previous three solo exhibitions, ‘New Home’, ‘The North’ and ‘The Circus’ were all sell out shows. Olivia explains what the inspiration was for this series of works:

‘I’ve always thought that rhythm is an integral part of life: at its most basic we live because our hearts beat with a steady rhythm and, being pregnant, i’m aware that what my baby is hearing is my heart beating. It was this primal influence of rhythm that intrigued me and I wanted to explore how the extension of this influence into music and dance affects and is enjoyed by all of us’

We hope you can attend the preview, doors open at 6.30pm