Manchester bombing aftermath depicted by Ghislaine Howard

Manchester bombing aftermath depicted by Ghislaine Howard
28th June 2017 Raffi
Ghislaine Howard

Ghislaine Howard is well known for her 365 series which she started in October 2006. The paintings measure 8″ x 6″ and are daily meditations on one news image from the Guardian newspaper.

‘The impulse to make them is deeply rooted in my work as a whole but really they grow from an increasing sense of despiration at recent events and a need to address the disposability of the terrible but often so beutiful and ambiguous images that arrive daily through the door’

Recent paintings include the aftermath of the Manchester Bombing where a young Muslim man standing blindfolded in St Ann’s Square, Manchester with a placard reading ‘I am a Muslim, I trust you, Do you trust me enough for a hug?’ Queues of people proved that they did!

After a hugely successful incredibly successful retrospective exhibition at our gallery in Lymm there is huge demand for her paintings. Click here to read more about Ghislaine and view her available works.