Lennon, Frances (1912-2015)

Lennon, Frances (1912-2015)

Frances Lennon’s work screams of the traditional Northern art school, very much in the ilk of L.S. Lowry and Helen Bradley. Frances Lennon was working in this style of painting when both of these great Northern Artists were still alive. Indeed Frances is of Bradley and Lowry’s generation, a generation that has left a legacy of time stamped paintings that reflect the lifestyle of Northern people in a bygone era. The charm and gentleness of Frances’ work makes it the ideal choice for everyone’s enjoyments and would have been a major contributing factor to Frances being made the official Artist at the XVII Commonwealth games 2002.

There’s no doubt that Frances’ work will continue to grow in popularity, and as more and more collectors begin to be touched by this artists brilliance the desirability of her talents will soar to the heights of her predecessors.

On the 2004 New years honors list Frances Lennon was made M.B.E. for her contribution to the arts and charity.